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Al Ramirez is the owner of Ramirez Partners. He is a professionally recognized businessman with a verifiable record of success helping clients improve their technology, minimize compliance risks and effectively execute their corporate image and brand development strategies. 

Born Alberto J. Ramirez on December 22, 1968 he has been known as Al Ramirez for most of his adult life and if he can call you Betty then you can still call him Al.

But these days he is better known by his new friends and prefers to be addressed as Jay Ramirez to reflect his engagement with the next generation of millennial leaders and his new found ambition to work with everyone from all sides of the political spectrum to better serve the public trust.

For the past year he has been attending UCLA as a returning executive offering his expertise and stature as a social media influencer to amplify student life related news and to make the public aware of the opportunities for continuous education and the benefits of life long learning.

Mr. Ramirez is also a graduate of the City of Los Angeles Small Business Academy, held under the auspices of USC and earned his BA in American Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas which provided his launchpad to a career in politics.

The strategic value he still brings to organizations is through his Twitter account

With nearly 150,000 high market value followers, organically accumulated as a former Twitter Suggested User List Personality  Mr. Ramirez has the social media capital to categorically amplify any message and drive social media engagement data.

When not studying or serving the community he lives in Santa Monica with his yellow Labrador named Malibu.

Requests can be made directly at: 202-455-0560 or Email at

Ramirez Partners
Alberto J. Ramirez aka Al or Jay Ramirez