Ramirez Strategic Initiatives Fellowship
Ramirez Partners

Building 21st Century Communities Through Relationships Built on Trust

Al Ramirez is the Owner and Chairman of Ramirez Partners. He is a professionally recognized business executive and public policy advocate with a verifiable record of success helping clients improve their technology, minimize compliance risks and effectively execute their corporate development strategies. 

Mr Ramirez is currently a State of California Investment Board Scholar at UCLA and available to serve as a Public Relations resource to the Bruin Community through the University's economic, public policy, arts and emerging technology programs.

He works daily as a social media philanthropist to amplify and extend the UCLA, USC and University of Texas athletics brands and other student life related news online through his Twitter account in appreciation of the three universities where he has been a student.

As previously noted Mr. Ramirez is a 2017 graduate of the City of Los Angeles Small Business Academy, a Fellowship of local business leaders selected by the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and held under the auspices of the University of Southern California at their University Park campus studying issues in public sector contracting and developing strategic alliances to improve local sustainability.

And as also duly noted Mr. Ramirez earned his Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas which provided his launchpad to a lifetime career working at the Local, State and Federal levels of government.

The value Mr. Ramirez brings to organizations and causes is through his Twitter account Twitter.com/alramirezusa. Through this platform Mr. Ramirez is uniquely able to generate the real time social media reach needed to impact a high level of public awareness critical to the purpose and success of  a wide range of public service projects and emergency response notifications.  

With nearly 150,000 high market value followers, organically accumulated as a former Twitter Suggested User List Personality and Cable News Guest Political Commentator Mr. Ramirez has the Social Media Capital to categorically amplify any message. And now more than ever decisions are being based on social media engagement data and those analytics are driving the development of strategic alliances with commercial and community partners.

Al lives in Santa Monica with his yellow Labrador named Malibu. They both enjoy road trips, hiking, fly-fishing and going to the beach. Al has been active in the LA Air Force Base and USMC Camp Pendleton Chapters of AFCEA, the Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Los Angeles Lincoln Club and formerly served on the Board of Directors of Orange County based TechBiz Connection,

Speaking engagements or professional inquiries can be made directly at: 202-455-0560 or Email at Info@alramirez.com